York Hill York Hill York Hill York Hill

York Hill

Loughton, Essex

This commission for a large family house began with a small derelict cottage on a densely wooded site. The building was an important part of local history and contributed significantly to the character of the area. We therefore retained part of the cottage and designed stealthy extensions in three directions.

To the east the style is a re-interpretation of the Arts and Crafts of the cottage but with more generous proportions and simpler details. To the west, a glass dining room with retractable walls links to a barn-like timber boarded form. The entrance hall is double height, top-lit and fully paneled. It leads to five large, interconnected living rooms and five bedrooms, all of varied character.

We also reformed the steeply sloping site into a clam and functional garden of level terraces, lawns, decks and pools.